Its Christmas!! Time for folks to come together and revel in one anothers company. Time for me to concentrate on being with my family for the festive period and to take time to review the past year and share the highlights. It has been a very full and varied year. Who knew there was so much you could do with honeybees ? 
Ian Smith is a vanishing breed. He is an independant dairyman. As with many independants he has seen his business eroded by the super markets. Not to be out done he diversified. He was one of my first customers for honey. 
One of the great aspects of teaching a subject that is close to your heart is the seeing students develop and creating their own milestones. Lets have a look at a couple of student journeys. 
David, The Bee Farmer has teamed up with James from Cattows Farm to offer guided visits to his honeybee colonies. The farm's pick your own soft fruits provide valuable pollen and nectar for the bees and in return the bees provide pollination of the fruits. Cattows has a good deal to offer us humans too! 
Yes put a spot of glue there. Yes it will rub off it is PVA. Step back give yourself some room to swing the hammer. That is pretty much how the 1st Blackfordby Scout Group got on with building the brood chamber and supers of the bee hives for the Booththrope Orchard and Pollinator project (BOPP). 
My interview with Ashby Life about becoming Ashby de la Zouch town council first brand ambassador 
I still find it a little odd to see my words in print. This piece is a review of the 2017 bee keeping season from the perspective of Bee Farmer Association members in the North and Midlands of England. Non Bee Farmer Association (BFA) member are able to subscribe the the magazine at  
What do Honey bees do in the winter? It is a question I am often asked. Honeybees and Bumblebees over winter in different ways 
In Celtic mythology, Honey bees were regarded as messengers between our world and the spirit realm and were associated with wisdom garnered from the other world.  
Honey is versitile. Every Christmas I make a honey glazed ham for Christmas eve tea and for impromptu meals into the New Year. 
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