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"I think I get as much of a kick out of day as the visitors and students"… David The Bee Farmer 
Below are some testimonials from folks with whom I have worked and the things have been so kind to say.......... 
Rosie on Twitter as @RosieCoaches, 19th December 2018 
"Self-medicating my long-haul lurgy with some of @TheBeeFarmer magical honey.  
It actually tastes like a walk in the countryside. Feeling better already" 
Where can you get your "magical honey" Click HERE for a list outlets with links 
Rebecca, student on the Foundation course in beekeeping on 3rd-4th November 2018 
"I had the most fascinating weekend learning about beekeeping, from an enthusiastic and knowledgeable David Bee Farmer McDowell. Thank you for sharing the wonder!" 
Linda, student on the Foundation course in beekeeping on 3rd-4th November 2018 
"We are so pleased to have done the course, the more it all sinks in, the more I realise how well thought through it was. 
Great weekend!" 
Would you like to learn to keep honeybees? Click here for details 
Shelagh, Secretary for Repton Village Hall. Talk on 9th September 2018 
"Many thanks for your talk to our group last week. We found it fascinating and easy to follow. I never realilsed the bee world was quite so ruthless." 
If you would like a talk to your group just drop me an email at 
Neil, Colony visit 14th July 2018 
"I had a fantastic day with David today, really enjoyed learning all about beekeeping and I'll definitely be looking into taking the 8 week course over the winter. 
If anyone has the slightest interest in this sort of thing I'd recommend David straight away." 
Would you like to have a colony visit? Click here for details 
Would you like to learn to keep honeybees? Click here for details 
The colony visits are hosted at Cattows Farm. Cattows have lots for the family to do, Farm shop, Pick your own fruits and a Tea room. Perhaps make the colony visit extra special by booking a Afternoon Tea, Check out their website Click here for details 
Carolyn, Student on my Foundation Beekeeping course 14/15th April 2018  
""Just wanted to say a huge thank you David for supplying me with all the necessary bee keeping equipment and my first Nuc of honey bees, and helping to successfully install them into their new home. Your Bee Keeping Foundation course has given me the confidence to get started and I really appreciate your ongoing support. A totally enjoyable experience!" 
By the way that is hubby Mark in his beesuit not David 
Would you like to learn to keep honeybees? Click here for details 
The Jets class at Albert Village Primary. Interactive session Brillant Bees 10th May 2018  
We've had a fantastic afternoon learning all about bees with @TheBeeFarmer. So much new information! 
Would you like to learn to about honeybees? Click here for details or click here to email me 
Karen, a corporate fund raiser. A talk and candle making session 15th February 2018 
"I wanted to say a huge thank you for coming to YHA National Forest and doing what you did. The guests (and me) were fascinated and I had no idea Bee’s and their activities were so technical.  
Despite a lower number of guests than I hoped the event was a huge success and (in no small part) due to you as well. 
I do have speakers planned for most of my event in the near future, but will certainly bear you in mind for the future," 
If you would like me to give a talk or do some simple bee related crafts email 
Lisa, Student on the foundation course in beekeeping 11th February 2018 
"What an amazing but mind boggling weekend I’ve had with David learning about keeping bees. Anyone thinking about joining one of his courses, do it!!" 
Would you like to learn to keep honeybees? Click here for details 
Nigel, On-line customer 24th January 2018 
Just a quick thank you for the quick delivery and excellent service. I didn't expect it that quick. Thanks. 
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Carolyn, On-line customer 17th January 2018 
Your honey is the best I have ever tasted. I take honey primarily for it’s health benefits, I like the taste but I have never understood people who eat it by the spoonful - until now 
Would you like to try some honey and see if what Mrs D thinks is true? Click here for the Honey shop 
Nuneaton & Atherstone branch BBKA 7th November 2017 
Hi David, 
Many thanks for your presentation last night. Everyone I spoke to afterwards said that they had enjoyed your talk [on Bee farming] so, once again, many thanks (and I might even volunteer for a day's slavery at your depot to help out). 
Geoff and Mike - 17th June 2017 
Thanks so much for taking Michael and me out to meet your bees last month. It was certainly an unforgettable experience.  
Knowing my affinity for bees, my daughters treated me to a bee excursion with David The Bee Farmer for Father's Day. It was incredibly informative, surprising, amazing, and nourishing. Do yourself a favor and meet these astounding creatures in their own home. David will take good care of you and offer you a unique experience of Nature that you'll never forget! 
Leigh from The Heritage Cake Company - 18th August 2016 
I had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for making it such a great experience, lots of information to inspire me and having a chance to be hands on with the bees was wonderful. I came along out of curiosity and a genuine desire to learn more because I'm interested in keeping my own bees and this was the perfect introduction - thank you so much. 
I will be signing up for your bee keeping class (please put me on the list and send details!). The photos are ace, thanks, I've posted them on facebook already and people are talking about them! 
Click HERE for Leigh's website 
Jane & Neil - 5th August 2016 
Neil and I so enjoyed our visit today. What an eye opener into the fascinating world of our wonderful honey bees. We saw so much, guards dealing with intruders, pheromone fanning, sealing cells even a birth or two. We knew they had a far more complex life than bumble bees but being able to see it close-up and handling the frames loaded with bees was an experience we will never forget. 
Thank you very much for your kindness and our education into this intriguing world. 
Opus Restaurant - 31st May 2016 
Visiting David and his field of bee hives was a tremendous educational morning. I took a small group of my staff to the idyllic fields of Leicestershire to gain some knowledge about the all important honey bee. We all know that pollinators are under threat from various environmental issues, such as weather, pesticides and the Varroa mite. But until the time spent with David, I could not claim much knowledge about just how sophisticated and fascinating the honey bee is. Did you know that only 10% of eggs are male? Did you know the Queen bee can live for 3 to 4years? 
David treated us to a wonderful demonstration of how the hive functions and the life cycle of the bee colony. My staff, which included our executive chef, have not stopped talking about the day out and the rest of my employees are queuing up to go on another outing. 
David got across his love of these incredible insects and just why they are so important in our lives. 
Watch out, David, we shall be returning!! 
Check out their website at 
Jane the chair of Austrey Gardening Society - 12th February 2016 
"Just writing to thank you for a most enjoyable evening last Friday, and what a good turnout you got!! 
Even though we all see honeybees around the flowers in our gardens I think we all tend to take them for granted and it's good for us to be reminded how amazing they actually are." 
Mad About Bees? 
If you would like to have bees on your land or would like a talk given to your group or have an visit to the bees you can contact me by email at or by phone on 078 0798 4506. 
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