Honeybee experience day

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Expereince days are tailored to give you a flavour of bee keeping. You will have a chance to open and explore the inner workings of the hive. You will learn about the various stages of the brood and to identify the caste of bees. “the Queens in there somewhere!” You will learn to handle the bees under the supervision of the David The Bee Farmer. Your first delve into a hives can be daunting. David takes you through the exercise at a steady pace. 
The experience session lasts about two hours. Groups are small. No more than three people. The bee suits are provided, you need only bring a pair of Wellington boots, a pair of rubber gloves (Marigolds) and a sense of adventure. Take as many photos and ask as many questions as you wish. 
The experience day can be booked for any day and is wholly dependent on the weather. The weather needs to be warm and dry. Should adverse weather be forecast for the day of the session the session will be rescheduled. We will confirm the session is to go ahead on day before the session. 
If the experience day is a gift why not have a gift card sent as an invitation to the recipient of the taster day. Use the gift card option from the shop and leave details for delivery. 
The cost is per person (there are discounts for groups) 
Session length – about 2 hours. 
Start Time – no earlier than 10am 
Cancellation – If for any reason the session is cancelled by you, 25% of the session fee will be retained and the balance returned to the account that booked the session. The price quoted includes VAT. 
Bee keeping raises much curiosity which is why I do not allow spectators. The spectator will, inevitable, end up looking in the hives too! They also need to be kept safe. 
Please advise me of any medical conditions ahead of the event.  
Any questions please email me 

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