I ran a poem writing competition which ended on 30th Aprill 2020. Sienna's poem was judged runner up. 
Read her poem  
The competition was open to all and was pretty simple, Can you write a poem about bees? 
It could be about honeybees, Bumblebees or Solitary bees.  
The poem could be about the environment or anything to do with their lives. It can be an be an epic Viking saga or a haiku. 
A new competition will be set in Worksheet 5. Click HERE to find the worksheet 5 and previous worksheets. 
My Bee Poem by Sienna: 
Flying through the sky the buzzing sound fill's the air 
Honey is what they make, they all obey the queen 
Tulips, daisies, buttercups all the flowers that you know 
That's where they will go 
Honey bees fill the trees with the sweetness that they will bring forever 
They are black and yellow striped 
Now we watch the bee's fly high in the tree's 
To a nest is where they will go 
We love the bee's in the flowers and the trees 
We hope you love the bee's too 
A new competition will be set in Worksheet. Click HERE to find the worksheets 
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