Bees are short of habitat and therefore food can be scarce. Seeds for Bees is a mix of 19 species of flowers that attract bees and other pollinators. The flowers are nectar rich and designed to be a banquet for the bees. The flowers grow in succession so give along flowering period. The species included are:  
This specially selected mixture is versatile, They are tolerant of a range of conditions such as different soil types (clay, sand, loam) and environmental conditions such as full sun and shade. 
Full sowing instructions are included. Just the thing to encourage youngsters to get active outside preparing the soil, planting and watching the flowers grow and attract insects. Just the job for adults too who want jolly up an area of garden into a low maintenance flower patch. They work just as well in pots, planters and troughs. 
Cornflower - Centaurea cyanus 
Chamomile - Anthemis arvensis 
Forget-me-not - Myosotis arvensis 
Pansy- Viola arvensis 
Field or Common Poppy - Papaver rhoeas 
Corncockle - Agrostemma githago 
Corn Marigold - Glebionis segetum 
Ladys Bedstraw; - Galium verum 
Meadow Buttercup - Ranunculus acris 
Campion; Red - Silene dioica 
Campion; White - Silene latifolia 
Wild Carrot - Daucus carota 
Ribwort Plantain - Plantago lanceolata 
Selfheal - Prunella vulgaris 
Sorrel; Common - Rumex acetosa 
Kidney Vetch - Anthyllis vulneraria 
Yarrow - Achillea millefolium 
Yellow-Rattle Or Hay-Rattle - Rhinanthus minor 
Common or Hardheads Knapweed - Centaurea nigra 
Bird's-foot-trefoil - Lotus corniculatus 
Salad Burnet - Sanguisorba poterium 
Common Vetch - Vicia sativa 
Oxeye Daisy - Leucanthemum vulgare 
Best planted in the spring for a summer show. Planted in the Autumn seeds will germinate early the next spring. Let the flowers run to seed. Cut the heads off and leave them on the ground (swathing) and they will reseed for further years a flowers. 
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