Eggy Bread if you are from Manchester, French Toast if you are from Cheshire. A quick recipe that can be up rated to brunch. Sweet or savory. Bee Farmer honey involve....oh yes! 
You can do pretty much what you fancy once you have the eggy bread base. You can go sweet or savory. My version is a two for one, both sweet.  
Unsliced bread. My preference is white tin loaf.  
Two eggs 
Splash of milk  
Pinch of salt 
Knob of butter 
Greek yoghurt 
Caster sugar 
Crack two eggs into a bowl. Add a splash of milk and a pinch of salt. 
If this was a savory version I would add a grind of pepper. 
Whisk the mixture. I use a fork. Set it a side. 
Cut two thick slices of your choise bready goodness. I like 20mm (3/4 inch) slices. I also cut off the crusts. Fancy being chefy use the pastry cutter to cut out a shape from the slice of bread. 
Drop the knob of butter into a frying pan. The pan wants to be on a medium heat. You don't want to poach the bread or flash cook it either. Plus you don't want to burn the butter.  
Whilst the pan is warming dip the bread in the eggy mix. I do the sides as well as the tops. Flip the bread a few times to the get the mixture to soak in.  
Drop the bread into the pan. Cook both sides for 3 or 4 minutes until browned, even crispy (your choice). The bread should still be spongy when it is done. Not burned is a given. 
Quick and simple 
When the eggy bread is cooked and transferred to the plate, sprinkle caster suger over the bread followed by a dusting of Cinnamon. Use sparingly and to your taste. 
My chefy version 
When the eggy bread is cooked and transferred to the plate, sprinkle sparingly with caster sugar, Two dessert spoonfuls of greek yoghurt, slice a few Starwberries and place on top of yoghurt, drizzle The Bee Farmer honey over every thing. For me no Cinnamon on this version. 
Once you have the eggy bread you can add any topping you fancy, Go savory with grated cheese or bacon and eggs. Go poached eggs and Holandaise for an alternative Eggs Benedict. Go sweet with bananas and brown sugar. Fancy a warm or grown up topping? Apples or Strawberries warmed in a pan with butter until soft then douse with alcohol, (apple = brandy, Starwberry = Cassis) Bannanas who knows, go mad  
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