I developed this product from the wishes of a UK Husky owner. Where Husky and Malamutes normally live and race there is deep snow. 
I developed this product from the wishes of a UK Husky owner. Where Husky and Malamutes live and race there is deep snow. The only problem the dogs really have is with snow balling on and under their feet and the occasional cut on to their pads. This balm sticks to the hair around the pad and helps prevent balling. A extra dab of pad balm on a cut picked up on the trail keeps the dirt out. 
The balm contains beeswax from my hives, Organic certified Rapeseed Oil and Shea Butter. I do not add scents. Dog pad are pretty hot so the balm is absorbed quickly and we find the dogs do not try to lick it off. 
The original tins were 100ml however the feed back was the tins were a bit big to go in the mushers pocket. (A mushers a person that drives a sled pulling dog team) The new tins at 30ml fit easily into a coat pocket or utility pouch. If you keep the tin in a trouser or inside pocket the balm remains warm and is easier to apply. The tins have screw caps so you can open the tin whilst wearing gloves. 
For dogs with a less arduous life Pad balm is equally useful. In the winter roads are covered in road salt. The salt dries out their pads. Many dogs live in centrally heated homes. This too dries out their pads and leads to splitting. In the summer pavements can be very hot and burn pads. Pad balm helps keep pad subtle and healthy. The picture above is one of my customers Siberian Huskies getting some pamper time. 
Pad Balm is available on-line in 30ml tins at 
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