I was asked to contribute to a cook book based on local producers. 
This salad is great as a sophisticated starter i.e for grown ups. I have never met a child that liked stilton or walnuts. It makes a nice sharing plater at a picnic or barbeque. Just change the volume of the ingredients.  
No cooking required and can be put together in five minutes.  
A ripe Pear. 
One between two 
Salad leaves 
Rocket is good 
Stilton cheese  
100g per person 
Table spoon 
Balsamic vinegar 
A splash or to your taste 
Bee Farmer Honey 
A teaspoon or to your taste 
Preparation: time 5 minutes. 
1. Remove the salad leaves from their packaging and give them a quick rinse. Shake the water off and make a pile of leaves in the middle of your serving plate. 
2. Drizzle a little Balsamic vinegar over the leaves 
3. Peal the pears. If you want to be chefy slice the pears in half and make many slices from near the neck to the bottom. Press down gently to fan out the slices Or slices into fine strips Or rough chunks. 
4. Pile up the Pear on the leaves 
5. Crumble the Stilton cheese over the Pear. Goat cheese or any sharp cheese can be used instead of Stilton. 
6. If the Walnut have come de-shelled, gently crush them a little and sprinkle over the cheese. 
7. Finally drizzle a teaspoon of bee farmer honey over the pile of goodness. 
The soft sweet pear contrasts with the salty, zing of the cheese, the mellowness of the Balsamic sets off the peppery rocket and the crunchy, tang of the Walnut is balanced by the honey.  
To finish the dish perhaps a nice hunk of crusy buttered bread and a glass of something sharp, a dry white wine or dry cider  
The whole plate is a vibrant feast for the tastebuds. 
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