At the end of 2023 I created an on-line form and ask customers of my School for Bees scheme to provide some feedback. There were just five questions. I kept it short as the heads of schools are busy people. Here is what the respondents had to say. The Information has been anonymised to protect their privacy. 
The schools proving feedback are very different institutions. One school is in one of largest cities in the East Midlands, another is a village school in South Derbyshire and the other an Independent school in rural North West Leicestershire. The question were as follows:  
Does the School for Bees scheme contribute to the objectives of your organisation 
All respondents said "Yes" 
In your opinion, what impact does the School for Bees scheme on the pupils, staff and wider families?: 
The scheme supports the children's understanding about biodiversity, engages the children with nature and it is an insight into food production. Families have enjoyed the honey and the health benefits that go along with this. 
A sense of responsibility to care for the ecosystems around school. 
It shows we are interested in much more than just churning out academic achievement. It increases peoples awareness and perception of bees and how they work. It has educational value now and hopefully increasingly in the future. It builds links between us and our environment. Give the whole school greater learning opportunities. 
In your opinion, what additional benefits does organisation gain from the School for Bees scheme? 
A greater understanding of the impact bees have on the production of all foods. Understanding of the production of food that we eat. 
It has contributed to a landscaping and overall award from the Beeston Civic Society 2023 for biodiversity. 
Honey! (hopefully :)) 
Business opportunities. 
Students/families/staff coming closer to nature. 
Development of staff and pupil knowledge & awareness. 
Do you have any comments on the School for Bees scheme? 
The children love being part of the whole process in the production of honey, from building the hive to the bee keeping and the final honey product. 
It continues to have a positive impact on all involved. Thank you. 
I am absolutely loving it. I enjoy the bees' company so much (without sounding too weird!) and I am sure that the people that get involved in the future feel the same. I feel fully supported and am very thankful for the community around me helping and cheering me on. It feels like much more than a hobby and I'm very excited about where it will go. 
There is additional information on the School for Bees scheme on the "Education" page, Click HERE to find out more and for download PDF explaining the scheme.  
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Ring me on 078 0798 4506 
Its all about the bees. 
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