Ian Smith is a vanishing breed. He is an independant dairyman. As with many independants he has seen his business eroded by the super markets. Not to be out done he diversified. He was one of my first customers for honey. 
Ian has seen a lot of change in his career as a Dairy roundsman. The major change was the super markets using milk as a loss leader and the consolidation of creameries. Ashby lost its creamery in 2014.  
Being a resilient South Derbyshire type Ian changed his offering. Ian finds the best local produce, Honey from me and seasonal favorites like Strawberries from The Busby's 5 miles away in Chilcote. Add to that staples such as eggs, potatoes and a variety of dairy products and his special brand of customer service and you see why he was voted Midlands Dairyman of the year 2009. With the resurgrence of quality over qualtity Ian continues to thrive. The new truck is testiment to his commitment to his customers and his customer confidence in him.  
Ian was one of my first wholesale customers. He just knocked on my door and asked about supplying him. It was his idea to have small 272g (1/2 pound) jars for his older customers. It made me laugh to think the older folks would not buy a big jar of honey in case it out lasted them.  
Ian and I are an example of small independants working together to provide the best products and service to our customers.  
Give Ian a ring for door step delivery  
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