I ran a poem writing competition which ended on 30th Aprill 2020. Florence was the winner. 
Read her poem  
The competition was open to all and was pretty simple, Can you write a poem about bees? 
It can be a about honeybees, Bumblebees or Solitary bees. Your poem can be about the environment or anything to do with their lives. It can be an be an epic Viking saga or a haiku. 
There will be a prize for the double best poem. Florence age 9 won with this entry: 
I am like a fluffy ball 
I go high in the sky 
I have lots of friends 
Like a bird or a fly 
I wear a stripy jumper 
And hum a little song 
I work to feed my family 
All the summer long 
I have a very sweet tooth 
And love the smell of flowers 
I dance around the garden 
For hours and hours 
I visit you in spring time 
I love the warm sun 
I hibernate in winter 
When all my work is done. 
A new competition will be set in Worksheet 5. Click HERE to find the current worksheets 
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