A great little Linkedin thread, initially posted by a photographer I engaged for headshots, but turned in a splendid and unsolicited positive feedback thread.  
A great little Linkedin post, initially posted by a photographer I engaged for head shots, turned in a splendid and unsolicited positive feedback thread. The head shots idea came out of a series of networking events and were primarily for social media avatars. As we toured my apiaries in Leicestershire we had a little time to take some general working shots and a few product shots. The adjacent picture was posted and the thread that followed I found uplifting.  
Mark Robinson Operations Director EMEA at Insight Direct (UK) Ltd 
Mark said "Quality branding of a quality product produced by a quality business & owner!." 
Chris Penny Managing Partner at  
Chris said "Looking good David! Glad the brand is doing so well!!!"  
I have some more to say about Chris further on in the this blog. 
Carl Hancox Professionally qualified Programme and Change Manager 
Carl said "I know Dave the Beekeeper and his products are good. Customer perception is everything, especially perceived value. Sometimes it is a bonus if the products meet the expectations - these products do!" 
On a dark stormy April evening in 2013 Chris drove 60 miles to meet with me to give me a "sense check" on my project. "The Bee Farmer" was born that evening. Chris rigorously tested my ideas and viability of my business plan. He gave me the benefit of his years of experience in creating brands and some great advice which I still hold to. It was perhaps "the" most worthwhile meeting in which I have involved.  
I am fairly sure it not just me but sometimes I get so involved in the velocilty of the business I don't get to see what other people see in my offerrings. It is always good feeling to receive support from your peers. So thanks again chaps. 
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