Planet Leicester Bakers Monday 1st August, 2016 

Founded in 2014 by Michelle Stratford, Planet Leicester Bakers started as a Bread Angel micro-bakery selling bread from the home doorstep. Planet Leicester Bakers looks for opportunities to use and exploit handmade bread baking in creative ways in local communities. The business with a social purpose delivers community initiatives using bread and offers private tailored services such as handmade bread training, team building and public speaking. 
The micro-bakery service sees a weekly Bake Day for registered customers, offering Every Day Treats made with local organic, stoneground flours. Each week a different Special Treat is offered, many using the lovely Ashby honey from The Bee Farmer! Special orders for small events are also welcome – all the details can be found on the website 
David The Bee Farmer made first contact with Michelle of Planet Leicester Bakers through twitter. We had out first meeting at Gelato Village, a Bee Farmer customer. David was struck by Michelle's exhuberence for bread, locality of ingredients and community purpose. Michelle is building up a strong following throughout the city so good are her bread's.  
Blue iced buns to celebrate Leicester City's fabulous season.  
I am continually suprised at the uses Honey is put. I don't come from a tradition of using honey in bread. Rather I slaver it on top after it has been made. You should try the honey is something else. Register with Michelle at 
454g (1lb) Honey
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Honey as the bees intended. My honey has as light a manufacturing processing as UK Environmental Health dept. will allow. My honey is extracted from the comb and only if required, heated just enough to allow the honey to flow through the filters. The filters allow pollen grains, micro-nutrients and trace elements to remain in the Honey. The minimal heat does not alter the structure of the Honey. I do not blend my Honey to create a uniform product. The taste and texture of the honey depends upon the flowers and trees the bees have foraged.

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