An Ode Monday 22nd February, 2016 

I went to a networking event today. As is usual one had to say a few words about yourself and/or business. We had been warned that, because of the popularity of the event, we would only get 30 seconds to say our piece. I decide an ode might be the way to make a statement. So an ode is what I wrote. And here it is: 
David McDowell keeping bees for living. 
An ode to his bees in rhyme he is giving 
Shires of Derby, Leicester and Warwick 
Countries spread wide for bees far to forage 
Bees pollinate the food we like to eat, 
Life would be boring on just cereals and meat. 
The honey is sweet yet good for your tummy 
There’s nothing so nice as crumpets with honey 
Bees make honey that we all know 
but wax is a gift they work hard to grow 
Honey is jarred golden and sweet 
But wax made into balms for your lips to be reet 
Through the long summer days and short summer nights 
The Bee Farmer he tends to his bees and their rights 
Toiling through weathers hot, cold or wet 
Such work for honey you would never have bet 
I keep them for you and I keep them for me 
A world without bees I would not wish to see 
In closing my ode, my message is free 
Support your Bee Farmer for the sake of the Bee 
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