After a day full of unexpected activities I get to one of my apiaries to do some mowing and a general tidy up, which should have been done ages ago, Over the noise of the two stroke strimmer engine I hear a familiar noise. 
A swarm high up in an Oak tree. Bugger.....can't reach it. I decide to carry on with the mowing and strimming in order to finish one job whilst I figure out how I am going to get up to collect the swarm. It looks really big so probably worth the effort. I decide I pop back up the farm and see if the strapping lad that is the farmer's grandson will drive the telehandler for me and get me up the swarm.  
Even if I have to distrub them at their tea I think it the best plan. I resolve to finish the strimming before tackling the farmers at tea. The strimmer is fracturing the calm Leicestershire evening with its brash two-stroke call when I become aware the air is suddenly full of bees. I watch as they drift from the Oak tree to a pile of spare boxes I have stacked for removal off site. They move in to one of them. Its a great sight. Most people are scared of the bees onthe wing. I am wishing them to move into one of the spare hives. 
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